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Where to get the best Philly Cheese steaks!

Forget about the economy, healthcare or the wars. This is what we need to be debating. Where to get the best cheese steak? My vote is for Abner's near the Penn campus, order a "Wiz wit onions' and you will never be the same again. BTW, that was the first meal I ate when I came to the US as a student and fell in love with Philly cheese steaks immediately.<br>

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14:09 With @phaithful at Pho Hut in Glendale, found him on @FourSquare # 19:35 Santa Maria style tri-tip Sandwich and jumbo hot dog at South Pasadena Farmer's Market with daughter after soccer practice #

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11:33 Well, this morning I woke up and found our swing was in the pool. :-) @brianeck # 11:35 Good one! RT @alfmikula: If you ding somebody's car door and then later your door gets dinged by somebody else, is that just car-ma? #

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09:23 @ Meowmi - Yummy! # 09:24 RT @mpanoff: Rejoice fellow geeks. The official NASA iPhone app is here!! # 09:30 @ standardpixel Must visit Ab Zam Zam and Cha Cha Cha on Haight # 09:34 Nice! RT @King2ut: (Usain) Bolt plays cricket  # 15:37 Ditto. RT @r0b3rta: ouch, hope your son gets well soon @richardfrancia #