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Arvind's Tweets

08:10 @ PeteCarroll congrats to Nate # 11:07 @ Meowmi Thanks, We are very proud of Ryan and his hard work to get there. # 11:08 Thanks for the mention! RT @chrislouvion: @doctorbombay on social networks for the enterprise at the Q event # 11:09 Thanks for coming out last night! RT @olegbaranovsky: @doctorbombay Arvind, great talk tonight at #Q # 11:31 Thanks for being there! RT @Firqby: thanks @doctorbombay for your presentation at @qconnects dinner this evening, really enjoyed it. # 11:31 Thanks for having me! RT @Evelina1231: @doctorbombay thank you for joining us and thank you for volunteering to speak! # 13:57 Reallly enjoyed my bulgogi cheesesteak sandwich from @BoolBBQ truck, but skipped the kimchi quesadilla # 14:00 Nice! RT @DougMcInnes: Hey folks, I made an Asteroids clone in HTML5 # 14:14 @ fortherecord I wish I could help you out, I'm going tonight. # 14:23 Going to Hollywood Bowl tonight with Robin to James Taylor - Carol King concer

Arvind's Tweets

15:49 Great job, Ryan Puri, you won! Nice work on becoming the speaker at your middle school graduation! # 19:44 Very happy to be a speaker tonight at the Q Series dinner for C-level folks at Lawry's in Beverly Hills - Topic is Social Media 4 Enterprise #