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Last Night's Check-ins (11/21/2009)

Hey, This is pretty easy. Just reply to this email and put your notes about each check-in *below* that venue's name. Leaving some blank is fine. You can visit to see your notes later on, and has a map of all your check-ins to date! ++ Nov 21, 01:33 PM / Arroyo soccer fields (LuMewDmRtru9kgT95aDesg==) ++ ++ Nov 20, 04:05 PM / Sushi Q (1BcZNHkF9+amIY8XuaKitw==) ++ -*-*- end email -*-*-

Arvind's Tweets

13:07 Nice running into @dubslife outside Sushi Q # 19:28 High school football , Friday night lights with the fam, San Marino Titans vs Rosemead Panthers, it's like the whole town showed up #

Last Night's Check-ins (11/20/2009)

Last nights checkins. Visit to see my checkins on a Google Map. ++ Nov 19, 10:35 PM / Lacy Park ++ Nov 19, 10:02 PM / South Pasadena Farmer's Market ++ ++ Nov 19, 08:58 PM / Arroyo soccer fields ++ ++ Nov 19, 03:07 PM / Outlook Amusements ++

Arvind's Tweets

14:00 Carls Jr BBQ chicken sandwich hit the spot # 15:11 Enjoyed watching daughter's choir sing at elementary school book fair # 15:12 Glad daughter got all A's on her report card for last semester # 18:49 Having fun at the kids vs parents soccer scrimmage #

Arvind's Tweets

11:50 looking for a contract or full time #Wordpress #PHP developer in Los Angeles # 14:27 Feeling happy after Chicken kebab #6 meal at Ro Ro chicken # 19:27 At San Marino High, getting an idea of what's in store next year for us as parents of an incoming freshman # 19:27 RT @sheigh: G-d once had a near Chuck Norris experience. #

Arvind's Tweets

08:58 Saw 2012 last night, lots of fireworks, repetitive contrived situations and oh yeah, one kid liked it, the other fell asleep, 2.5 hrs long # 09:01 Watching son play soccer, then ref a game, then ref another game and then watch daughter play soccer, yay me. Isn't the season over yet? # 12:11 Yay, Penn beat Harvard 17-7! # 12:12 Amen! RT @genechuang: 2012 was a disasterous movie #