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Last Night's Check-ins (07/10/2010)

Hey, This is pretty easy. Just reply to this email and put your notes about each check-in *below* that venue's name. Leaving some blank is fine. You can visit to see (and edit) your notes later on. ++ Jul 09, 08:03 PM @ Dodger Stadium (894157904) ++ ++ Jul 09, 07:29 AM @ S & W Country Diner (887157377) ++ -*-*- end email -*-*- Don't forget: has a map of all your check-ins to date! Tired of these emails? Visit to turn them off.

Arvind's Tweets

16:57 Getting ready to March in the San Marino 4th of July parade with the Boy and Girl Scouts # 19:15 Celebrating 4th of July at Lacy Park # 21:32 Happy Birthday America! #

Arvind's Tweets

19:28 Took the plunge and bought a Prius # 19:59 Backyard BBQ party at our house is still raging # 20:00 Girls are still in the pool # 20:46 Girls with sparklers # 21:04 Our fireworks have started #