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13:46 at work and drinking lots of coffee # 23:01 Alright, i'm watching the movie Sicko, by Michael Moore. He's making some very good points about Universal Healthcare. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Arvind's Tweets

12:10 Going mountain biking near JPL # 16:21 I'm at Incycle Bicycles (1292 E Colorado Blvd # 1, Pasadena, CA) - # 18:07 @ sheigh Fly fishing, even in the cold, is awesome! # 18:18 @ sheigh impressive! I'm jealous. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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13:27 Merry Xmas everyone! Santa was generous this year but did not splurge. # 18:51 Prime rib, brussel sprouts, scalloped potatoes and stuffing topped off with belgian ale, pecan pie and a yule log # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Arvind's Tweets

09:35 Feeling all kinds of hurt this morning but managed to hold it together for 2 phone AM phone calls, heading into work now. # 13:04 At the Bowery # 23:10 @ phaithful Amen! Daikokuya is the best ramen, hands down # 23:12 Apparently the best feature of the Mamma Mia blu-ray dvd is the on screen sing-along. Long live Karaoke. # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Strange Xmas tree at Highland Park Station

Happiness As Your Business Model

Happiness as Your Business Model From: missrogue , 6 months ago Happiness as Your Business Model View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: magnolia worpress ) My workshop from Thinking Digital UK. SlideShare Link

What is McCain doing in this picture?

Hilarious but disturbing!

Fall 2008 TV Sitcom Reviews

There's not a lot of sitcoms anymore since we had the writer's strike. If you like TV shows that are comedies, here are some winners and losers: Winners: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - FX - The writers have really outdone themselves! Worst Week - CBS - ROFL, Laugh out loud funny, slapstick at its best! The Office - NBC - The writing is top notch and the new season is great. Two and Half Men - CBS - This show just keeps getting better and better. The Big Bang Theory - CBS - They've done a great job in the new season. How I Met Your Mother - CBS - The burger episode was awesome! The Bill Engvall Show - TBS - Much funnier that the Cosby show. Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend Update - NBC - Ok, so its for the Election but its funny! Losers: My Name is Earl - NBC - Boring, the writers are out of ideas. My Boys - TBS - The writing is starting to wear thin. Weeds - Showtime - Again, the writers are out of ideas so they made her pregnant? Frank TV - TBS - Good mimicry but
If you like action and adventure, here are some shows to check out this fall. If you like chick shows, I'm not the right person to talk to. Winners: Generation Kill (HBO) - Like Animal House but with guns Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Like Sopranos but for the West Coast TrueBlood (HBO) - Psych (USA) - Hilarious ( and I can watch it with my kids) House (FOX) - Gets better and better Burn Notice (USA) - Its a crock but its funny. Chuck (NBC) - Another crock, also funny Dexter (SHO) - I cant believe I'm rooting for the serial killer in this one. Losers: Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) - Lame Weeds (SHO) - Getting worse Monk (USA) - Tired Heroes (NBC) - Boring Fringe (FOX) - X Files anyone? Lost (ABC) - Who cares? Happy viewing!

Garret Reisman - Colbert Report

Garrett Reisman graduated from the Management & Technology Program from University of Pennsylvania in 1991, same year I did. He joined NASA as an astronaut and recently returned from a mission to the International Space Station. We are all very proud of his achievements. Here he is on the Colbert Report.


BandOfBrothers Originally uploaded by jeffxue We went paintballing with a bunch of folks from LA Times and friends. It was a 100 degrees F day and we had to rehydrate after every game.
Top Ten Indian food restaurants in Los Angeles. I get a lot of questions about what are good Indian food restaurants. I put together a list and invite comments about some of these places. Top Ten Indian Restaurants in Los Angeles
This is an amazing slam dunk. He is actually higher than the rim and pushes the ball through. Great bit of showmanship. Dwight Howard deserved to win the 2008 NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest.