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If you like action and adventure, here are some shows to check out this fall.
If you like chick shows, I'm not the right person to talk to.


  1. Generation Kill (HBO) - Like Animal House but with guns
  2. Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Like Sopranos but for the West Coast
  3. TrueBlood (HBO) -
  4. Psych (USA) - Hilarious ( and I can watch it with my kids)
  5. House (FOX) - Gets better and better
  6. Burn Notice (USA) - Its a crock but its funny.
  7. Chuck (NBC) - Another crock, also funny
  8. Dexter (SHO) - I cant believe I'm rooting for the serial killer in this one.

  1. Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) - Lame
  2. Weeds (SHO) - Getting worse
  3. Monk (USA) - Tired
  4. Heroes (NBC) - Boring
  5. Fringe (FOX) - X Files anyone?
  6. Lost (ABC) - Who cares?
Happy viewing!


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