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Fall 2008 TV Sitcom Reviews

There's not a lot of sitcoms anymore since we had the writer's strike.
If you like TV shows that are comedies, here are some winners and losers:

  1. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - FX - The writers have really outdone themselves!
  2. Worst Week - CBS - ROFL, Laugh out loud funny, slapstick at its best!
  3. The Office - NBC - The writing is top notch and the new season is great.
  4. Two and Half Men - CBS - This show just keeps getting better and better.
  5. The Big Bang Theory - CBS - They've done a great job in the new season.
  6. How I Met Your Mother - CBS - The burger episode was awesome!
  7. The Bill Engvall Show - TBS - Much funnier that the Cosby show.
  8. Saturday Night Live Thursday Weekend Update - NBC - Ok, so its for the Election but its funny!
  1. My Name is Earl - NBC - Boring, the writers are out of ideas.
  2. My Boys - TBS - The writing is starting to wear thin.
  3. Weeds - Showtime - Again, the writers are out of ideas so they made her pregnant?
  4. Frank TV - TBS - Good mimicry but the jokes suck.
  5. Samantha Who? - ABC - Exactly!
  6. The New Adventures of Old Christine - CBS - I like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss but the writing has jumped the shark.
  7. Gary Unmarried - CBS - Old premise, lame acting.
Happy viewing!


Winnie said…
To add to your "best of" list, may I suggest The Mentalist and True Blood. Also, My Own Worst Enemy is premiering tonight, will be interesting to see if this lives up to the hype.

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