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Arvind's Tweets

  • 14:43 That is a real bummer! RT @richardrushfield: I really cant believe im seeing all this unfolding before my very eyeses #
  • 14:45 Bummer dude! RT @marcbrown: so... today is my last day at Buzznet!! awesome shindig. Thanks. #
  • 14:53 Best of Luck Meredith, it was a pleasure! RT @j05h: RT @mmilian #followfriday @mereditha <3 Kudos! #
  • 15:35 Red wine! RT @dan360man: Quick! I need a yummy, easy marinade for steaks on the grill! (via @worleygirl) #
  • 15:37 @dan360man - Recipe - Red Wine Marinade #
  • 16:40 Trying to choose between the Lona FireRock Pale Ale and the Longboard Lager; decisions, decisions! #


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