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Arvind's Tweets

  • 09:04 @gregg Happy turkey day in BA and I hope they have cranberry sauce at least! #
  • 09:11 Thanksgiving cooking has commenced. Oven pre-heated: check. Boiling water: check. Shot of vodka: check. #
  • 09:44 And just like that, the Thanksgiving morning Bloody Mary's have started to flow. Not that I'm complaining! #
  • 10:00 Happy Thanksgiving to all from Las Vegas #
  • 15:26 My buzz is wearing off, time to refill. Luckily the mashed potatoes and stuffing are already done. #
  • 17:38 Feeling manly after carving the turkey. Arrr, arrr (Tim Allen growl) #
  • 18:45 Mission accomplished, turkey demolished, going to wait on desert but food coma is already setting in, gonna play some games for a while. #


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